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HS2 passes to the southwest of Westwood Heath - Click here for an interactive map of the route 

Inevitably there will be disruption during construction.   There are two distinct phases which will affect Westwood Heath in different ways:

  1. Haul Road construction.  This is a dedicated road over which most of the heavy traffic will flow when the main construction phase starts.  To build this road, HGV traffic will have to traverse Westwood Heath Road from Kirby Corner to Bockenden Lane.  HS2 have given an Assurance that HGV movements will not exceed 26/day, will last for "a few months" and have given subsequent assurances that drivers will be briefed to drive with careful consideration through the built up area of Westwood Heath.  (This followed observations of excessive numbers and speed of vehicles)
    Coventry City Council have put in a camera opposite Bockenden Lane in order to monitor HGV movement numbers.
    The contractor for this phase is LM.
    The haul road is visible as the scar across the countryside in the pictures below.

  2. Main construction phase.  Starting February 2021.  The bulk of heavy traffic will use the new haul road, and there is an Assurance in place to limit HGV movements to Bockenden (and hence along Westwood Heath Road) to 2/day.  There will be some limited exceptions when needed for rerouting of utilities.
    The railway line will have to cross the A46 at some point; as of October 2020 it is still unclear whether this will be an overbridge, or some other crossing that may affect the A46; both will have a significant impact on traffic on the A46 between Kenilworth and the interchange under construction at Stoneleigh junction.

There is a web page for HS2 local information (for Warwickshire) where you can subscribe to updates.

This video is based on aerial photography from 2013 with the HS2 route overlaid in CGI.

Coming from the north, the landmarks recognisable are: Burton Green (6:29), Kenilworth Road (7:23) and the A46 (7:30)

The following aerial pictures of the HS2 works near Westwood Heath were taken in July 2020 and show the construction of the "haul road" through Crackley Wood.  The protest camp is still in place and visible as a collection of tents.

IMG_8836 Developed.jpg
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