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Local Services

Mention Westwood Heath Club
Placeholder for e.g. bus services, shopping, cycle paths, parks, rail links


87 Coventry to Berkswell Station via Burton Green 
87 Berkswell Station to Coventry via Burton Green 

19 Coventry to Westwood Business Park 
19 Westwood Business Park to Coventry 

18/18A Coventry to Tile Hill (via Hearsall Common) 
18/18A Tile Hill to Coventry (via Hearsall Common) 

180 Tanyard Farm to Balsall Common 
180 Balsall Common to Tanyard Farm 

233 Solihull to Kenilworth 
233 Kenilworth to Solihull 

There are extensive bus links from the Warwick University Bus Station

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